2008 – Dealing with the Supernatural

Pinnacle Studio replaced Aist MovieDV.  This offered a better quality output of film making, more visual and sound effects, transitions, music and the ability to edit in HD.

Thames TV ident
(made on Pinnacle Studio)
It’s A Dog’s Life

Thames TV ident 2 was one of the first films I created on Pinnacle Studio as a way for me to familiarise myself with the edit suite.

It’s A Dogs Life was created in March to welcome Bramble & Holly into the family home.

Nomad Soul Trailer 1
Nomad Soul Trailer 2
Nomad Soul Trailer 3
Nomad Soul Trailer 4

Winning the Walter Last competition with Ghost Story encouraged a remake of the film under the title Nomad Soul. With an improved storyline and better special effects, this film was entered and came third in a North vs South competition in October. The working of the storyline for this version was inspired by Psycho (1960), Child’s Play (1988) and Ghost (1990).

Nomad Soul
Crossed Wires
Do You know What It Is Yet?

Crossed Wires was an idea I put forward as a summer project with the Warrington Cine & Video Society and took a few weeks to make.

In November Do you know what it is yet? was created and won a humour themed competition held at Warrington Cine & Video Society.

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