2010 – 15 years of film making

The Sony Z7 had a busy time this year recording footage for Wheels.

The Muppet Show
opening sequence
Baby Face

Increased house space increased the potential use of the green screen as seen in the recreation of The Muppet Show opening title and Baby Face. Plus a film of how green screen is made came to life under the title Lights, Camera, Action.

Lights, Camera, Action
Green Screen
Keep Your ‘Eye’ On The Camera!
Why You Shouldn’t Strain

Another new custom-built computer was built to cope with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.  These took computer editing to a new level of CGI.  Tutorials on www.videocopilot.net helped with the creation of Keep Your Eye on the Camera and Why You Shouldn’t Strain.

MyCam Studio Network logo
15 Years of Film Making

A new logo was created to mark 15 years of MyCam Studio Network. The idea of this ident is that the viewer is looking directly down the light given off by a cine projector.

15 Years of Film Making was also made.

Coronation Street – The French Lesson was an idea I put forward as a summer project with the Warrington Cine & Video Society and took one evening to film and a couple of days to edit.

Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2010 version)

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