2012 – The Year of CGI

The year opened with a program called Wirecast being put into use. This allows you to broadcast live studio-based programs on the internet. You can also create CGI sets, whether preprogrammed in the software or self-built using 3D packages such as Google Sketch-up.

An upgrade to Adobe Master Collection CS6 from CS3 took place, which would add top-quality HD edits with blockbuster-style effects.

Llangollen to Lymm in 15 minutes
Asteroid hits Earth

Wheels, a short drama about a kart race. This film included karts being built from scratch and an opening title where the balls on the pool table are all CGI.

A journey home from Corwen, Wales, saw the making of Llangollen to Lymm in 5 minutes being filmed.

To coincide with 2012’s top news story of the world ending, Asteroid Hits Earth was created using After Effects with the help of more tutorials on Video Copilot.

Ghost Watch

In July Ghost Watch, a documentary about a haunted house was created. It followed 5 psychics as they investigated various rooms of a house and exorcised them.

LGBT Warrington ident
Warrington Pride Promotion
LGBT Warrington Promotion
Warrington Pride Feedback

In August and September, a series of promotional films were made for a community group called LGBT Warrington.

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