2016 – CSO & CGI

Three years after writing the script for Chrome, it was decided to make this film using what resources available. People who watched thought the acting was so good, the story behind Cystic Fibrosis being cured of the main character was believable.

Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2016 version)

Chrome inspired the remake of a previous film project, Coronation Street – The French Lesson. This time all characters in this version were played by one actor.

Chrome and the Coronation Street remake saw a new way of making films for MyCam Studio Network should actors not be available.

Green Screen Test
Green Screen Test
(behind the scenes)

Using After Effects I did a Green Screen Test using the photo of the exterior of the Australian pub setting as seen in the Coronation Street remake, model shots of the TARDIS (exterior and interior), plus CGI rendition of the TARDIS wall. A behind the scenes film was created to show the procedures and layers created to achieve the effect.

Granada Television ident
Radio City 96.7FM ident

A 3D render of Granada TV was created and also a 3D render of the Radio City 96.7FM ident.

Christmas Dalek
Dalek Hack

As a Christmas special, the Dalek became something of a storyteller on Facebook in the form of Christmas Dalek and Dalek Hack, which sees a new look on the complete extermination of a human who was let loose with a sonic screwdriver.

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