2017 – 20 years of MSN

To mark 20 years of the MyCam Studio Network logo, another render was created.

MyCam Studio Network logo

The spring and part of summer of 2017 were busy with the purchase of a cottage in Anglesey. This opened the opportunity to create a film about the preparation work for completely renovating the cottage and grounds. A preview for part 2 was created, though is yet to be made.

Brynteg Part 1: Preparation for Renovation
Brynteg Part 2: Preview

An original render of the longest Sci-Fi series title sequence for Doctor Who made using After Effects.

There’s a hint of the 2005 version of the vortex and usage of theme music, plus the Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker era logo adding small detail to the logo as you will see.

The idea of the titles moving through the vortex as seen in the 2005 sequence inspired for the motion of the titles to be taken one step further by adding a wiggle to show the titles are pushing their way through the turbulence of the vortex.

Creating the time vortex took about an hour to set up a further 8 hours to render.

The additional effects for the titles were taken from a previous project.

Doctor Who title sequence
Screen Test for “The Last Gourmand”

To end the year, work on a screenplay, The Last Gourmand based on a short story written by Donald Honig commenced with a screen test of one scene being quickly filmed. This was the first video to feature the new MyCam Studio Network logo.

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