Building the Dalek

Project ID: Build of complete Dalek using blueprints downloaded from Project Dalek.
Time Period: 28 July 2002 to 18 May 2003

In December 2001 I started to write a screenplay of the story I wrote called Genesis of a Timelord. For the film, a full-size Dalek was required.

Originally I downloaded the Radio Times blueprints, but on June 2002 I joined Project Dalek where I got a more accurate set of blueprints.

Work on building the Dalek commenced on 28 July 2002 and finished 18 May 2003.

The Dalek was complete in time to attend the final Longleat Doctor Who convention, which was held on 3 August 2003.

In July 2002 I bought the dome, skirt hemispheres and voice box from Shawcraft, the builders of the original 1963 design of the Daleks.

These were the first of many items I purchased to construct the Dalek.

After a paint job of the dome lights and eyestalk, you can already see the shape of the Dalek’s head come to life.

At the time of making the Dalek, I was still new to sourcing materials. Sometimes I used everyday household items to make parts such as a washing liquid ball for the eye and as shown below, a deodorant cap for the dome lights.

The construction of the Dalek’s neck began in October 2002. This took 1 day to make.

Skeleton of the Dalek’s neck

With all the paintwork complete, the electrics for the lighting and voice box were installed.

First look of the top section of the Dalek.

The construction of the shoulders was made using bendy MDF, which was the hardest part of making the Dalek where clamps were used to hold the MDF in place whilst I nailed it to the shoulder frame.

The skeleton of the skirt was made using plywood.

The above slides show what was completed by the end of October 2002. I had to use a lot of filler to make the 2 MDF pieces join together. Once applied, this was left for a couple of days to set.

The only issue I had with this build was the gun box. At the time there were no plans for the construction, so I had to improvise.

The plunger arm was made from an old washing line prop with the advantage of a pipe being inside another, this save time to design something that allows the arm to extend.

The inner pipe was long enough to allow a part of it to be cut off and used to make the base of the gun. A couple of wire coat hangers were cut to complete the look of the gun.

With the undercoat dry and gunbox fixed into place, the whole shoulder section is sprayed grey.

By November 2002 the skirt panels were made and put in place. These took 2 weeks to make.

The skirt panels required a little wood filler before sprayed grey. Now, all that’s required are the details that will finish the Dalek.

The skirt hemispheres took a couple of days to spray and allow to dry, and then another week to bolt to the skirt.

The fender was made from a strip of polystyrene, which at the time worked really well. Though the paint didn’t really stick for obvious reasons. However that’s all I had to hand at the time of making the Dalek.

By late February 2003, the detailing on the Dalek was enough for it to look like the original design before the slats were later added for the storyline, “The Chase” starring William Hartnell as the Doctor.

Do you think my car insurance will cover this?

At last April 2003 sees the Dalek complete. Though as you can see, the black paint has already started to come off the fender. The main thing was I had build a ‘Genesis’ Dalek.

The full height of the Dalek is 5 foot and 5 inches.

Just as I thought it was safe to own a Dalek, this happens!

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