Quantum Leap

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

Using footage from The Last Gourmand, this test effect from the well-known Quantum Leap was created. At first, I dabbled with a few test effects using various settings in After Effects, which were ok, but not 100% satisfactory and a bit of a fiddle to put together. Having looked online I found a post where someone described how they made their version, which I managed to put into practice to create this clip.

Quantum Leap – test effect

There are a few ideas for short films that could use this effect. One idea is to have a crossover between Quantum Leap and Doctor Who. Perhaps a project for 2020 along with the Mirror Mirror project and also a possible remake of Chrome. Only time will tell.

Mirror Mirror

Since the making of The Last Gourmand came to an end, work on the next film had already commenced. The working title for this was “The Echo” before changed to its current title, “Mirror Mirror”.

The outline follows the question of what your reflection does when you’re not looking or paying attention to it. Does it have a life of its own? Does it watch you? Or is it simply a reflection?

The story opens as a normal, typical morning of a man getting ready for work. He is seen in the bathroom cleaning his teeth in front of the mirror. All seems normal as he rinses his mouth of toothpaste and turns to leave the bathroom. Unknown to him his reflection remains and watches as the man leaves the bathroom, and then the reflection leaves in the same way the man did.

Downstairs in the lounge, the man opens the curtains near a large mirror. As he turns to leave, he looks in the mirror and sees a dead body in the reflection. He turns in horror to the part of the room the dead body was seen only nobody is there. The man mutters something about still waking up and continues with his day. Again unknown to the man, his own reflection remains in the mirror watching him.

As the man makes to leave the room, his reflection turns around and reaches out grabbing him on the shoulders and pulling him into the mirror and kills him. The reflection steps out of the mirror and continues doing what the man was doing. The reflection looks back into the mirror to see the man’s body.

When the reflection looks in the mirror, we see only the dead man, but not a reflection of the reflection.

Mirror test effect
Through the mirror
(test effect)

Already 2 test effects for the film have already been made. The first effect was made whilst I was undergoing treatment for a chest infection at Wythenshawe Hospital. The second was a rough concept whereby the audience travels into the mirror world. However, the latter most likely won’t be used.

This can either be made as it is in current form as a short story or developed as a short feature film.

Somewhere in the film, the following devilish rhyme will be included:

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Has a life unknown to all.
When your eyes turn away,
Your reflection comes out to play!

2019 – New Beginnings

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

A new ident for MyCam Studio Network was made based on the HBO ident. Perhaps not an original format like the previous idents. This was made to mark the end of The Game of Thrones.

MyCam Studio Network logo

The Last Gourmand

After some time being spent on editing The Last Gourmand, the film was finally ready to show in June.

2018 – The Last Gourmand

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

In May filming commenced on The Last Gourmand. There were 2 filming opening and closing scenes took 5 hours to film and 2 days to edit. The film is set after dusk, so ‘day for night’ effects were used. Filming for the remainder of the film was done in mid-June and due to one actor declining to return to dub his dialogue over the opening scene, I use my own voice instead, which worked out really well.

The Last Gourmand – After Effects

On 1 June 2018, a preview of The Last Gourmand was published. Instead of the traditional trailers that big filmmakers do prior to their film release, it was decided to give a before and after preview of some of the technical effects shots made for the film.

2017 – 20 years of MSN

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

MyCam Studio Network logo

To mark 20 years of the MyCam Studio Network logo, another render was created.

The spring and part of summer of 2017 were busy with the purchase of a cottage in Anglesey. This opened the opportunity to create a film about the preparation work for completely renovating the cottage and grounds. A preview for part 2 was created, though is yet to be made.

Brynteg Part 1: Preparation for Renovation

Brynteg Part 2: Preview

An original render of the longest Sci-Fi series title sequence for Doctor Who made using After Effects.

There’s a hint of the 2005 version of the vortex and usage of theme music, plus the Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker era logo adding small detail to the logo as you will see.

The idea of the titles moving through the vortex as seen in the 2005 sequence inspired for the motion of the titles to be taken one step further by adding a wiggle to show the titles are pushing their way through the turbulence of the vortex.

Creating the time vortex took about an hour to set up a further 8 hours to render.

The additional effects for the titles were taken from a previous project.

Doctor Who title sequence

Screen Test for “The Last Gourmand”

To end the year, work on a screenplay, The Last Gourmand based on a short story written by Donald Honig commenced with a screen test of one scene being quickly filmed. This was the first video to feature the new MyCam Studio Network logo.

2016 – CSO & CGI

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

Three years after writing the script for Chrome, it was decided to make this film using what resources available. People who watched thought the acting was so good, the story behind Cystic Fibrosis being cured of the main character was believable.


Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2016 version)

Chrome inspired the remake of a previous film project, Coronation Street – The French Lesson. This time all characters in this version were played by one actor.

Chrome and the Coronation Street remake saw a new way of making films for MyCam Studio Network should actors not be available.

Green Screen Test

Green Screen Test
(behind the scenes)

Using After Effects I did a Green Screen Test using the photo of the exterior of the Australian pub setting as seen in the Coronation Street remake, model shots of the TARDIS (exterior and interior), plus CGI rendition of the TARDIS wall. A behind the scenes film was created to show the procedures and layers created to achieve the effect.

Granada Television ident

Radio City 96.7FM ident

A 3D render of Granada TV was created and also a 3D render of the Radio City 96.7FM ident.

Christmas Dalek

Dalek Hack

As a Christmas special, the Dalek became something of a storyteller on Facebook in the form of Christmas Dalek and Dalek Hack, which sees a new look on the complete extermination of a human who was let loose with a sonic screwdriver.

2015 – 20 years of film making

MyCam Studio Network logo

Warrington version of
Thames TV ident

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

To mark 20 years of MyCam Studio Network, a small update to the ident was created.

Another Thames TV ident was created, this time the cityscape was themed around buildings in Warrington.

2013 – Year of Test Effects

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

Goin’ Down

Thames TV ident
(made on After Effects)

New year, new venture and Earth is in one piece.

January saw test effect shot templates for future films created starting with Goin’ Down and Thames TV ident (version 3) being made. Like with previous films, these were made with the help of tutorials from Video Copilot.

Chrome trailer

A teaser trailer for Chrome was made using tutorials from Video Copilot. Although a script was written, the project was temporarily shelved due to lack of resources to make the film.

2012 – The Year of CGI

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS6

The year opened with a program called Wirecast being put into use. This allows you to broadcast live studio-based programs on the internet. You can also create CGI sets, whether preprogrammed in the software or self-built using 3D packages such as Google Sketch-up.

An upgrade to Adobe Master Collection CS6 from CS3 took place, which would add top-quality HD edits with blockbuster-style effects.


Llangollen to Lymm in 15 minutes

Asteroid hits Earth

Wheels, a short drama about a kart race. This film included karts being built from scratch and an opening title where the balls on the pool table are all CGI.

A journey home from Corwen, Wales, saw the making of Llangollen to Lymm in 5 minutes being filmed.

To coincide with 2012’s top news story of the world ending, Asteroid Hits Earth was created using After Effects with the help of more tutorials on Video Copilot.

Ghost Watch

In July Ghost Watch, a documentary about a haunted house was created. It followed 5 psychics as they investigated various rooms of a house and exorcised them.

LGBT Warrington ident

Warrington Pride Promotion

LGBT Warrington Promotion

Warrington Pride Feedback

In August and September, a series of promotional films were made for a community group called LGBT Warrington.

2010 – 15 years of film making

Camera: Sony Z7
Editor: Adobe Master Collection CS3

The Muppet Show
opening sequence

Baby Face

The Sony Z7 had a busy time this year recording footage for Wheels.

Increased house space increased the potential use of green screen as seen in the recreation of The Muppet Show opening title and Baby Face. Plus a behind the scenes of how green screen is made came to life under the title Lights, Camera, Action.

Lights, Camera, Action
Green Screen

Keep Your ‘Eye’ On The Camera!

Why You Shouldn’t Strain

Another new custom-built computer was built to cope with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.  These took computer editing to a new level of CGI.  Tutorials on www.videocopilot.net helped with the creation of Keep Your Eye on the Camera and Why You Shouldn’t Strain.

MyCam Studio Network logo

15 Years of Film Making

Coronation Street – The French Lesson
(2010 version)

A new logo was created to mark 15 years of MyCam Studio Network. The idea of this ident is that the viewer is looking directly down the light given off by a cine projector.

15 Years of Film Making was also made.

Coronation Street – The French Lesson was an idea I put forward as a summer project with the Warrington Cine & Video Society and took one evening to film and a couple of days to edit.