Breath Taking Pictures

Date: Tuesday, 6 June 2006
Cystic Fibrosis Photography & Art Competition

Jodrell Bank

On 17 April 2005, I took a photo of Jodrell Bank (pictured). This was entered into a Back the Kid competition. The aim of the competition was to enter a photo and describe what it meant to you as a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer.

This entry was a runner up.

The title of the entry was From this World to the Next.

Below is a description of what the photo meant to me:

This place means a lot to me. Jodrell Bank is the location where Tom Baker departed from the behind-the-sofa Science Fiction program, Doctor Who, of which I am a fan. I took the picture on 17 April 2005, the day after the 16 years wait of Doctor Who finally returning to our television screens.

Not only is Tom Baker my favourite Doctor, but he was also the favourite of my older late brother, Paul.

On 15 October 1977, Paul died at the age of 6 from Cystic Fibrosis. Not long before his departure from this world to the next, he met our Doctor Who hero, Tom Baker. Paul may have died at a young age, but he left feeling satisfied that he had his photo taken with Tom Baker for the newspaper.

I was born in 1979 so I don’t know my brother apart from the special moments my parent’s share with me. The only link Paul and I have is the similarity of our lives from being Cystic Fibrosis sufferers, to being fanatics of the longest-running Science Fiction series, Doctor Who.

Special delivery! Peter’s the proud father of a Dalek!

Source: Warrington Guardian
Date: Thursday, 23 August 2003

EXTERMINATE: Peter Trengove with his life-size Dalek

A DOCTOR Who fanatic has just returned from a convention where his Dalek took centre stage.

Peter Trengove, aged 24, of Cynthia Avenue, Woolston, decided to embark on the mammoth task of creating a life-size, 5ft 7in Dalek nine months ago for the Dr Who convention held at Longleat.

Equipped with a special voice modulator, giving it the ability to utter the immortal line ‘exterminate’. Peter’s tin man was a star attraction at the event.

Peter, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, said: “Ironically it took me nine months from start to finish to complete the Dalek, the same time as pregnancy and I really did feel like I had created something.”

The model will mainly be used for fundraising purposes and conventions. It will also feature in a film Peter is working on.

He is currently in the process of completing his first Dalek book, where he combines the traditional tale of Time Lords with Cystic Fibrosis.

Once published, he hopes it will help raise much-needed cash for Cystic Fibrosis charities.

Former Doctor Who stars Colin Baker, who played the sixth Doctor, Sophie Aldred who played Ace and John Leeson, the voice of K9, were all at the event and passed glowing praise on Peter’s Dalek, one of 15 at the convention.

Peter became a fan of the time-travelling Doctor as a child and admits that certain scenes certainly left an impression.

From behind the sofa to behind the camera…Peter aims to prove Who’s the boss!

Source: Warrington Guardian
Date: Friday, 18 June 1999
Written by: Pete Magill

Amateur film-maker Peter Trengove hopes his stock will skyrocket with his latest film

DARE you peer out from behind the sofa? Junior Time Lord Peter Trengove’s latest bargain basement blockbuster is well and truly out of this world!

His intergalactic inspiration – explaining the link between the Dr Who legend and the Cystic Fibrosis he copes with day-to-day – could be a stepping stone to his multi-media screen dreams.

But props are sometimes hard to come by for the amateur film buff – with an Austin Allegro standing in for the famed TARDIS and family and friends starring in supporting roles.

Each time 19-year-old Peter wakes, he must go through a rigorous routine which will, before bedtime, include tablets, enzymes, nebulisers, vitamins, antibiotics and breathing exercise.

But in the plot of his new short film, the central character based on Dr Who needs such medication to cope with the stresses and strains of planetary travel.

The futuristic feature, set around the Time Lord’s homeworld Gallifrey, has already received encouragement from the Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust, for which Peter’s dad, Alan, an experienced square dancer, is a frequent fundraiser. And after contacting the BBC, Peter, from Cedar Grove, Latchford, was asked to keep in touch when he had developed his idea further.

Peter’s previous production, Déjà Vu, was a college project in which he first began to learn the fine arts of filming, sound editing and script work for himself.

Before then his camera prowess was concentrated mainly on animated short stories, based around Dr Who.

Fellow fans of the TV mainstay, Hammer horrors or Scream might appreciate his approach to DIY cinema.

Now the Priestley College student has earned himself a break, after coming to the end of A levels in Media Studies, English Language and Literature this week.

Keen to build up his career around sight, sound or print, Peter, a would-be director, radio star or reporter, is now busy attempting to get a first foothold in the media industry.

And who is Peter’s favourite Dr Who of all time? The one and only Tom Baker of course.

Quite what the young cameraman will do if Davros and the Daleks or the dreaded Cybermen decide to make a guest appearance is anyone’s guess…