CF & Fitness: Part 4

Originally published on Thursday, 26 May 2016

If there’s one thing I love about fitness is to see what other people do and take on board any tips they have towards a good workout routine, diet and any supplements that contribute not just towards a healthy lifestyle, but also to keep in good shape too.

I’m not one for walking into something without first knowing what I’m about to step into.

I’ve asked dieticians, personal trainers, and the odd fellow gym-goer about their thoughts on certain things before making up my mind what I think is best for me.

I’ve tried things diet and fitness-wise and although it has taken a little time, I’ve found what works for me. However, I’m aware of what I do may or may not work for others.

Over the last 4 years, I’ve tried a couple of brands in the protein/whey powder shakes, creatine and more recently BCAA.

Plus I’ve tried a few techniques as shown by various gym instructors for getting a good workout.

However what has helped me the most is taking on a Personal Trainer (PT).

Since taking on my latest PT, he has taught me ways of making the most of my workouts and advised me on what he thinks is the best supplements as mentioned above.

As a result, I’ve learned this year to make all this work, I feel you have to include all the ingredients, not just pick and mix.

Employment wise I work 25 hours a week as a House Keeper.

In the past, I’ve worked retail, admin work in the Council and was an Activities Coordinator at a Care Home.

I’ve found my current job a huge boost to my fitness as it is very very active.

Plus this part-time post means I’ve more time to myself where I can focus on what I love best – fitness, film making and spending more time with my dogs.

Anyway, a typical routine I have for a workout day is (and this includes taking into account Personal Training sessions and employment):

Workout day:-

  • Breakfast drink (2x fortisip mixed with 300ml milk) with breakfast biscuits and creatine
  • 5-hour shift
  • Carbs build-up (1x fortisip, 300ml milk, 1x banana, 25g oats blended) and creatine
  • 1-hour workout (10 mins cardio, 40 mins weight training, 10 mins cardio)
  • Whey powder mixed with 300ml milk plus BCAA
  • High carb & protein lunch
  • High carb & protein dinner

Non-workout day:-

  • Breakfast drink (2x fortisip mixed with 300ml milk) with breakfast biscuits and creatine
  • 5-hour shift
  • High carb & protein lunch and creatine
  • High carb & protein dinner

Usually nutrition wise I reach all my daily targets.

Due to not really liking the effects red meat has due to high-fat content having a slightly uncomfortable effect on me, my diet mainly consists of poultry, fish, salad, veg, fruit, dairy.

I’m not a sweet and cake type of person.

Cereal wise I love porridge, Weetabix, shredded wheat. Anything sugary like frosties, sugar puffs, crunchy nut are a big no for me. Mainly because the amount of sugar leaves a sweet sickly taste.

It would be nice to hear what you get up to with your fitness and any tips you may have that may help improve what I do too.

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