Cheshire Dogs Home

Date: Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The title of this blog most probably surprised my readers given I usually talk about CF, drug trials and film making. However, this is a special blog as a result of paying a visit to Cheshire Dogs Home today on my way home from work.

I’ve been a dog owner for 9 years and always loved dogs. Mainly because they give unconditional love.

My visit to Cheshire Dogs Home was to see what sort of voluntary work they offer. I had a look around the home to get a feel of the home. I was amazed and impressed by how lovely the home looked.

Whilst visiting I bumped into someone I worked within the Council. Her visit was merely to take her mind off daily life and also to see what dogs were there with the intention of getting one. This would be her first dog too.

It was a pleasure to share tips about what foods are suitable for dogs (puppy as well as adult) as well as other tips.

We saw three beautiful 8-year-old Retrievers (two black and one chocolate brown). All sisters, who were taken there yesterday as their owners weren’t able to look after them anymore for whatever reason.

Obviously I don’t know the story as to why, so can’t make a judgement.

However, as a dog owner, I was able to read their body language and they were ever so happy and welcoming. Had I been able to, I would’ve had adopted all three.

For any owner who has to give up their dog, they will have their reasons and will probably have difficulty making such a decision. Especially if like these three beauty’s they’ve had the dogs for eight years.

Some dogs my family have are from a dog home. Their previous owners weren’t able to look after them for one reason or another. However like with the dogs I saw today, my family’s dogs were well looked after prior to going into a dog home, and are very happy and well looked after now. The way they behave now is as though they were in the family from puppy age.

I’ve got two Cocker Spaniels who have Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), the effects of which is slowed down with three doses of eye-drops and one tablet per day. They’re very happy dogs despite having lost their sight as a result of PRA and are very clever as they have drawn a mental map of the layout of my house and where obstacles are i.e. furniture.

Taking on another dog/s at this time wouldn’t be fair on my two dogs or the dog/s taken on. If I could help re-home dogs left at Cheshire Dogs Home, especially like the ones I saw today, I’d be a happy man.

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