College films of 1998

Development in filming techniques includes: filming the same scene from various angles, use of models for space ships and cities, creating the illusion a video conference is taking place, and creating the illusion of a victim being run over.

Although Behind Covered Eyes appears it was recorded using 3 camera, this was in fact recorded using 1 camera from 3 different angles.

Behind Covered Eyes

Peabodies in Space used a variety of effects to create the illusion of fantasy lands and the “futuristic” world of the internet and video phone.

Peabodies In Space

Script work on Deja Vu commenced, which used 2 camcorders to film scenes.

Deja Vu was the last film to be made for 4 years.

Deja Vu

Writing commenced on the story, Genesis of a Time Lord (see The Screenplay of 2003 for more details).

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