Dalek upgrade & maintenance

For some time I’ve been meaning to do maintenance work on the workings of the Dalek plus some of the parts to make it look even more menacing. The COVID-19 lockdown has now given me that chance.

Starting with the internal electrics for the voice modulator, speaker, gun and lighting, I bought terminal connectors from Amazon to make connecting the electrics together easier, but also more secure as previous connections kept coming apart during operation of the Dalek.

This leads me to start searching on eBay for a set of Austin Mini sidelights to replace the existing dome lights, which were originally made from deodorant tops as illustrated below.

Original dome lights

A quick search on eBay, I found this item, which is perfect for the classic 1970s style Dalek.

Austin Mini sidelights

Whilst searching for the dome lights, I also came across Dalek parts too. In particular a 1960s style Dalek eyestalk, which I also purchased. Below is a photo to compare the detail side by side.

Eyestalk – seeing double?

The eyestalk to the left, whilst a good design with an organic-looking iris that glowed still had issues looking on the small side and didn’t have a menacing feel. Whereas the eyestalk to the right is an exact replica of the 1960s to 1980s design. This was taken from a Dalek from This Planet Earth, making this a licensed part. I bought this from the Instagram user, RGB Productions.

Here are some video tests made for the new look Dalek.

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