Developments of 1997

The Amstrad VMC200 stopped working and was replaced by the Hi8 Samsung camcorder.

The Samsung camcorder had similar features, but the picture quality was better and it had additional features such as the capability of adding titles and basic visual effects i.e. sepia, black and white, mosaic.

Ghost Story

Ghost Story was the first film created using this camera.  This won a competition in 2007 held at Warrington Cine & Video Society for the best film to fit one piece of music played through from beginning to end.

MyCam Studio Network logo was created. The name “MyCam” comes from “My Camera”.

MyCam Studio Network logo

The logo was hand-drawn and later in the year when a PC was bought, an animation was created in Powerpoint. Powerpoint was also used to create better quality titles. These were recorded onto video by pointing the camcorder at the computer monitor.

The use of a PC meant audio editing could be achieved using Goldwave. This resulted in a more precise and better quality edit of sound.

What A Mess!

In May 1997 a new VHS recorder was bought. By linking this to another VHS recorder, I was able to record basic video effects such as frame stills, slow motion and reverse play. The VHS recorder also allowed me to insert audio-only and/or video only over existing footage without losing quality. What A Mess was created as a test film to check the quality of footage when played in reverse.

FRANK advert

Also in May 1997 Lights, Camera, Action was formed at Orford Youth Base, Capesthorne Avenue as a pilot set up by Warrington Borough Council. The FRANK Advert was created and edited using equipment at Orford Youth Base.

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