Doctor Who – COVID

After 8 weeks of building the TARDIS console and a further month finalising the script for COVID, plus 1 week spent filming, editing, polishing the effects and making sure the mini-episode flows well, I introduce to you, Doctor Who – COVID.

Doctor Who – COVID

When the freshly regenerated Doctor receives a call from Martha about a deadly virus, the Doctor realises the virus is closely linked to his past and quickly sets out to save mankind from a terrible fate.

Filmed during the lockdown, COVID has been an ambitious mini-episode where the entire storyline is told through the eyes of the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Fun facts:

  • The date, 22 February 1289, shown on the navigation screen is the date the first episode of William Hartnell’s fourth storyline, Marco Polo, was transmitted (22 February) and the year the storyline took place (1289).
  • The navigation keyboard only works when the telepathic circuit globe aka plasma globe is either switched off or removed from the console. Otherwise, the keyboard, even though wired, doesn’t work.
  • The whole episode took 3 evenings to film and edit.
  • The title sequence takes 3 hours to render, which is a long time considering the duration is 30 seconds.

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