Doctor Who fan films

This is a special blog whereby I will be sharing Doctor Who fans films I’ve seen on YouTube and think are worth sharing for the pleasure for others to see. This will include links to the channels of the creator.

My first channel is that of creator Robin G. Burchill.

RGB Productions
Doctor Who – Prisoner 1971 – The Master Leaves Gallifrey

This first film made by Robin G. Burchill is a prequel to Terror of the Autons. The composition of shots, use of Doctor Who clips, original effects and set designs make this film an excellent watch. To be honest, I can’t stop watching it due to how impressed I am where Robin has made this his own creation.

Robin is the guy who sold me the eyestalk as seen in my previous blog, Dalek Upgrade Maintenance.

Robin and I started chatting as a result of the purchase and he pointed me in the direction of his YouTube channel. The TARDIS control room is an original design by Robin, which I love so much, it inspired me to design my own console for a future film project. Like Robin’s console as seen in this film, mine will also be compact for storage reasons and also so it will fit in the small film studio I have.

This leads me to another of Robin’s films, Aftershock.

Doctor Who – AfterShock – An Earthshock Sequel

Aftershock takes place moments after the 5th Doctor and his companions, Nyssa and Tegan, leave behind the upsetting aftermath of the death of Adric in Earthshock. This 7-minute film is set in realtime where we observe the actions of the Doctor during TARDIS flight.

When I watched this, I sat in complete silence in awe as I felt the realism of this short story. As though I was watching the goings-on in the TARIS via a webcam link. I think it was very well put together and I jumped at the end due to being taken in by the silence of the TARDIS during its flight through time and space.

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