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It is a few months since I looked through Doctor Who fan films on YouTube. Today I came across DW2012, which is owned by Luke Newman, the writer and director. In Luke’s introduction he states that since a young age he was always beaming with ideas for Doctor Who episodes. His collection of Doctor Who figures got him creative with stop-motion animation. Luke created and built film sets which lead to him building the TARDIS console room set based on Matt Smith’s Doctor’s TARDIS. Other sets include a huge 4 foot long Titanic set, TARDIS Corridors and Cybermen ships!

In 2013 Luke decided to set aside the stop-motion adventures for a much greater project. He started to work on the Doctor Who fan film series.

“Being my own Doctor was so exciting!” Luke said. “I was able to do what ever I like, which was the best part.”

Luke built his own TARDIS set between September 2012 and April 2013.

“I cast my good friend, Chloe, as my companion and gained many more friends through filming.”

Although Luke has only done one series, he said, “this is only the beginning of a vast future of many series.”

So I introduce to you Luke’s Doctor Who FanFilm, Dawn of the Doctor.

Doctor Who – S1E1 Dawn of the Doctor

I found this very creative, amazing effects, great Doctor Who post-regeneration humour and a storyline that has me gripping to the edge of my seat wanting more. Chris Chibnall, move over!

As well as the YouTube channel, you can also follow DW2012 on Facebook and Instagram.

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