Doctor Who filming update

Whilst it looks like activity on film projects has quietened down, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes.

Doctor Who – Master of Dimensions

The script for Doctor Who – Master of Dimensions has been completed and costumes have been made for a new look Cyberman. I say new look, the design is a combination of the classic 1960s Mondasian and the 2006 Cybus Cybermen. I nicknamed the design, the eBay Cyberman as most of the materials and parts were purchased from eBay.

Below is a sneaky peek at the Cyberman. The costume has more detail than shown, which will be revealed in the episode.

The first day of filming on the console room set was met with a couple of technical issues, which were quickly resolved. The script has been sent out to the 3 talented actors, Chris Strand (YouTube: Chris vs Cystic Fibrosis), who will reprise his role as himself, Robin Burchill (Facebook: RGB Productions – Doctor Who), who will reprise his role as the Master, and newcomer Gary Bramhall (YouTube: Bucket List with the Bramhalls), another Cystic Fibrosis friend who will be playing himself.

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