Doctor Who – Master of Death

For at least 2 years I had the idea of creating a fictional conspiracy thriller that explained why the chlorine in tap water had a more noticeable taste from time to time. The theory involved biological warfare of a deadly virus programmed to choose its victims genetically. This is all I had for the basis of the storyline…until now.

Doctor Who viewers already know the Master (portrayed by John Simm) became the Prime Minister of the UK in the 2007 series of Doctor Who, but I felt we never really saw the true extent the Master went to get this.

Master of Death is a mini-episode that fills in the gap between the episodes Utopia and The Sound of Drums.

Filmed during the lockdown, Master of Death has been another ambitious mini-episode where the entire storyline is told through the eyes of the Doctor and also a special guest appearance in the TARDIS.

The script for this storyline was carefully written so the lines could be interpreted in 2 different ways. The first interpretation is believed to be from the Master as he finalises his plans to assassinate key figures and the second interpretation is from the Doctor as he works to save the key figures whilst allowing the Master to carry out his plans.

What this episode demonstrates is we already know one key figure featured in this storyline isn’t dead. So whilst the Doctor may not be able to change history, he can undo the Master’s attempts to change history.

The writing and finalising the script for Master of Death took 1 night to do. Filming took place over 2 evenings as did the editing.

Fun facts:

  • The breaking news report of Aretha Franklin’s death in 2018.
  • The original ending didn’t include the change of background from a plain white wall to the classic TARDIS interior.
  • The “solar goggles” the Doctor wore are similar to those Matt Smith’s Doctor wore in the 2010 episode, Vampires in Venice.
  • Since making Master of Death, the 3D model of the console was applied to the 3D set of the control room. The result brought on the realisation the background is incorrect as shown in the image comparison below.
Comparison of how the TARDIS background should have looked

As shown in the 3D illustration, the navigation panel should be facing the scanner screen and door control facing the main doors.

Of course, being Doctor Who where anything can happen, this error will be written into the next mini-episode that’s being worked on.

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