Endurance Test

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Today at the CF clinic I did an endurance test, something I do as part of my annual assessment to see if changes to my treatment are required. Usually, there are minor tweaks. Mainly new and better treatment that can replace one or more treatments I’m already on.

Anyway, I’m digressing here. Part of my lung function is to do an endurance test to see how my lungs work during cardio. This is done on an exercise bike whereby I’m attached to a computer that monitors my breathing, oxygen intake, carbon dioxide outtake, pulse rate, etc.

Last year my endurance improved compared to the previous year despite the fact I was unknowingly unwell at the time. This year with how well I’ve been due to a few changes in treatment, keeping on top of regular exercise, progressing with workouts and maintaining a healthy diet, my endurance test, as expected, showed a vast improvement in my lung function.

Improvements include:

  • controlled breathing during cardio exercise
  • opening my airways and lungs more and taking in more oxygen and expelling more carbon dioxide
  • lung function increased from 31% as recorded last year to 52 %
  • performance on the exercise bike where I was able to push myself further

Overall I was really made up with the outcome of this, which has boosted my confidence even more for pushing myself whilst at the gym.

I didn’t need the endurance test to show vast improvements in lung function. At the gym with the Personal Trainer, I manage to do approx 1 full workout and half of a second workout in an hour. The results get me breathing harder and quick recovery timing. The Personal Trainer often comments how I’m able to do that bit more, but need to be more confident, which is one thing I’m working on.

Now I’ve done the endurance test and seen how much lung function improvements have been made over the last year, this alone has given my confidence a boost.

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