Filming technique development

A passion I have when making films, as any other film maker will have, is developing skills and techniques.

When making COVID, I had the facilities to apply effects so the TARDIS interior would look like the classic interior, but didn’t apply the effect thinking I would be restricted for camera angles and shots with the green screen technique due to the camera needing to be locked in position for each shot.

A fellow film maker suggested placing the console on a turntable to allow it to be rotated to get the different camera angles required. With this idea in mind, I applied the first backdrop of the TARDIS interior in Master of Death, and wrote the story implying the previous backdrop’s presence was due to a malfunction in the console’s desktop theme component, which was fixed by way of a solar energy charge. However as demonstrated below, I had positioned the backdrop incorrectly, which was corrected without explanation in the following episode, Planet Unknown.

Planet Unknown is the first full episode that makes use of green screen that allows the TARDIS backdrop to be applied. However, as I have learnt with the more recent episode, Master of Deception, I can film the console at any angle and match the shot of the console with the 3D set, which in turn adds to the realism of the TARDIS set rather then it being a cheap effect.

I had at one point wondered if the backdrop be considered basic due to it looking obviously like a 3D drawing rather than a film set as seen in the TV series. However I have discovered this ‘drawn’ look is something that some have applied when decorating a bedroom to make the room look like something from a comic book.

Cartoon decorated bedroom

When I saw the above image whereby someone has decorated a bedroom to look like a cartoon sketch, this gave me the idea the new desktop theme of the TARDIS would be of a similar style.

As you will soon see in Master of Deception where the Doctor goes to different parts of the TARDIS in the episode, the effect of the sketched look applied to the TARDIS set is rather striking and also a reflection on the animated reconstructions of the missing 1960s episodes.

Special effects have been applied to the live shots of the console to make it fit nicely into the sketched desktop theme of the TARDIS. However I have learnt with Master of Deception of techniques I need to apply to future episodes that will make this theme even more effective. Only time will tell when that episode will be made and what the story will entail.

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