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Founded in 1995, MyCam Studio Network started life as a small amateur film making hobby with basic films using in-camera editing being created and built up to films being given a high-tech professional finish.

Sony Z7
Should you wish to hire a cameraman, then look no further. If your need is for a 'point and shoot' with no lighting, no major audio set-up and no direction, then the cost is £100 per hour plus travel expenses of £1 per mile.

The camera used is a Sony Z7, a High Definition camcorder, which has three CCDs one for each primary colour of light whereby better colour information can be gathered, processed, and recorded than by one single CCD camcorder.
The CompactFlash cards used are ultra fast 400x performance with four channel support.

An ideal choice for professional film making.

Using applications such Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, I will help edit footage taken to the standard you require.

Whether it's a basic edit or includes digital FX, music and/or titles, I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

This service costs £100 per hour.

Check out my film portfolio for previous work I've done.

How do I make an order?
Contact me with your requirements by completing the online form