How it all began…

Founded in 1995

My first camcorder was an Amstrad VMC200 given as a present from my grandparents.

The recording format for this was SD and tapes used were VHSC – a smaller version of the VHS tape. A VHS adaptor to playback through a VHS player.

My first year of film making was spent making test films, where I explored how the camera worked and its potential.

A collection of animations using Doctor Who figurines were made. Sadly none of these films exists.

With no access to an edit suite, in-camera editing was done.

In-camera editing is the technique in film-making and video production of shooting shots in the exact sequence that they will be seen on the movie theatre screen or television program. This means planning in advance what shots will tell the desired story and then shooting only those shots in that order, as opposed to the usual film-making technique of shooting multiple takes out of sequence, then editing them into order to tell the story.

For titles a ZX Spectrum was used.

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