Mirror Mirror

Since the making of The Last Gourmand came to an end, work on the next film had already commenced. The working title for this was “The Echo” before changed to its current title, “Mirror Mirror”.

The outline follows the question of what your reflection does when you’re not looking or paying attention to it. Does it have a life of its own? Does it watch you? Or is it simply a reflection?

The story opens as a normal, typical morning of a man getting ready for work. He is seen in the bathroom cleaning his teeth in front of the mirror. All seems normal as he rinses his mouth of toothpaste and turns to leave the bathroom. Unknown to him his reflection remains and watches as the man leaves the bathroom, and then the reflection leaves in the same way the man did.

Downstairs in the lounge, the man opens the curtains near a large mirror. As he turns to leave, he looks in the mirror and sees a dead body in the reflection. He turns in horror to the part of the room the dead body was seen only nobody is there. The man mutters something about still waking up and continues with his day. Again unknown to the man, his own reflection remains in the mirror watching him.

As the man makes to leave the room, his reflection turns around and reaches out grabbing him on the shoulders and pulling him into the mirror and kills him. The reflection steps out of the mirror and continues doing what the man was doing. The reflection looks back into the mirror to see the man’s body.

When the reflection looks in the mirror, we see only the dead man, but not a reflection of the reflection.

Mirror test effect
Through the mirror
(test effect)

Already 2 test effects for the film have already been made. The first effect was made whilst I was undergoing treatment for a chest infection at Wythenshawe Hospital. The second was a rough concept whereby the audience travels into the mirror world. However, the latter most likely won’t be used.

This can either be made as it is in current form as a short story or developed as a short feature film.

Somewhere in the film, the following devilish rhyme will be included:

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Has a life unknown to all.
When your eyes turn away,
Your reflection comes out to play!

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