More episodes coming soon

With Master of Deception nearly complete, 2 more episodes have been written. The titles for these are “Master of Dimensions” and “The Hybrid”.

What alien piece will this become?

These episodes will see the return of classic well-known enemies that have, like the TARDIS console, undergone a new original design.

One of which has been designed and made by Robin Burchill, who previously helped with the making of Master of Death and Master of Deception. He will be appearing in these episodes, not just as the Master, but other aliens too.

Both episodes will be prequels and sequels to the classic and new Doctor Who series giving them that little piece of extra detail into their backstories.

Should all go to plan, these episodes will be filmed back to back in the next couple of months once the weather improves as they require dry weather to allow location filming to be completed comfortably.

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