MyCam Studio goes to the USA

You will recall that I did a blog in regards to me doing a test effect for Quantum Leap.

As a result of this, I had 2 fellow filmmakers contact me. The first contact requests I make a video tutorial about how to put the effect together and the second asked if I was interested in helping him with special effects for a series of films he is making.

This gave me the opportunity to look at the method I did for creating the effect and make minor improvements for the 2 suggested projects made by these contacts.

Quantum Leap fan film made by Chris’s Top-Level Media

The above Quantum Lead fan film is made by Chris’s Top-Level Media and his partner, Tommy, who also has a YouTube channel, The Awesome YouTuber.

Once I have completed my current film project, I will create a video tutorial showing how the effect was achieved. I will include a downloadable template for Adobe After Effects CS6 plus installation files required for the effect.

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