Project TARDIS Console – Week 1

Ever wondered what it’s like to be cut off from your own world and to be wanderers in the fourth dimension? The Doctor and his granddaughter Susan did.

Ironically this lockdown has cut us all off from the world we are used to and we have made our own journeys in on way or another to get through our metaphorical time tunnels and reaching the other side to a new life.

In my time of lockdown, I’ve created a puppet film, a project that took 4 weeks to film and edit, plus months of set building, done maintenance work on my Dalek and now…decided to embark on a different journey that requires a well known time travelling device known as the TARDIS console.

This console design is Jon Pertwee’s console, one of which I am planning to build, but to a smaller scale so to be practical in the space I have for storing it.

This is the beginning of Project TARDIS console.

TARDIS controls diagram

I will be using the 1971 model as a guide for how I will make my console. Obviously I won’t be able to make an exact replica. However, my aim is to make this my own design. For example, the communications panel (control panel 5) went through various designs over the years.

Communications Panel

Whilst I will try and stay true to the original design, there will be some minor changes:

  • The air vent at the top will be smaller.
  • The rectangular part below the line of 3 lights will be replaced with a touch screen.
  • A mini keyboard will pull out from under the panel to communicate quicker with either the TARDIS controls or other vessels.
Mini keyboard

I have sourced this mini black USB keyboard from the place I work, PAM Health.

Communications Panel design side-on

Telepathic Circuits

Whilst I will try and stay true to the original design, there will be some minor changes:

  • The telepathic circuits will be replaced with a plasma globe.
  • The water/vapour and oxygen meter will be smaller.
Telepathic Circuits design side-on

The design is still in its infancy at the moment. I’m hoping to keep changes to a minimum.

The main change is due to space in the studio, the console will be scaled down to 43% and the panels will be of a steeper angle.

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