Project TARDIS Console – Week 2

If you would like a copy of the blueprints of the 1971 Jon Pertwee console, click on the download button.

Since my last post, I’ve had a busy week with work and adding small details to the 3D model.

Feeling happy with the basic design, I set about making a cardboard template to make sure the design works and also make sure the console wasn’t too big due to restricted space in the studio for filming as well as storing.

I was expecting to make a few alterations of the design due to my judgement of the 3D design. However, during the making of the cardboard template, I realised I needed to widen the plinth for stability.

To give you an idea on the size seen in the above photos, the plinth height of the console is 30 inches. Looking down on the hexagon shape, the opposite corners is 40 inches. The original Jon Pertwee model is 92 inches, making my model 43% scale.

Already I can see how the finished model will look once all the controls are installed. Most of which I’ve purchased second-hand from eBay or from a fellow TARDIS console builder.

Now that I’m happy with the template, any adjustments will be applied to the 3D model before I start purchasing materials.

Below is a photo of a few controls I’ve either bought or already had.

The transparent bucket will become the central column that will have lighting effects installed that will give the illusion the TARDIS is in flight.

The black control panel to the right of the bucket is actually the control panel as seen on Darth Vader’s chest unit. In my design, this will become the emergency oxygen supply controller.

To the right of that is a plasma globe, which will be the telepathic circuit.

The 6 small brown discs below the Darth Vader panel are air vents, which will go in the top of each console panel to allow any heat build-up inside the console from power units to escape.

Bottom left is a small Bluetooth keyboard, which will go on the communications panel along with an Amazon Tablet.

Above the keyboard is the TARDIS key and also an old phone dialer panel.

The 12 grey pieces to the left of the keyboard are dummy toggle switches.

Finally, the TARDIS will come with some handy tools for the Doctor i.e. a vial of gold dust to fight off Cybermen, a device for measuring the gravitational pull aka a yoyo, alien currency and most importantly, the Sonic Screwdriver.

The inside of the central column

Above is a part of what will be inside the workings of the central column as built by Robin G. Burchill, who was mentioned in the Doctor Who Fan Films blog. Robin also made the 12 grey toggle switches and sold me the Darth Vader Control Panel. I have more control panel goodies coming from him soon too.

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