Project TARDIS Console – Week 3

If you would like a copy of the blueprints of the 1971 Jon Pertwee (JP) console, click on the download button.

Now the basic model is complete, the past week has been spent looking at the JP control panels and studying the essential controls as pictured below with what they do to identify what parts I can gain access to for substitution of what was originally used.

Below is the pdf showing a clearer view of the controls diagram and parts.

On the control panel below you can see 2 meters and between them the telepathic circuits as used in Planet of the Daleks. Obviously these were specially made and not an item that’s easy to come by. Rather than spend time and money replicating these parts, I decided to use a plasma globe instead, which I already bought a few years ago.

There are a few switches, dials and levers on the JP console that would be time consuming to replicate, so inventing my own controls using modern day parts readily available will make my console an original design based on JP’s era as the Doctor.

Now all the controls and materials have been purchased, you saw last week I had cut the panel pieces out. The last couple of days I’ve spent making the plinth.

This wasn’t as easy as I imagined to be honest. I realised I needed the assistance and guidance of Mark, whereby I held the pieces together whilst he drilled and screwed the frame together. Then we swapped roles where he held panels in place against the frame and I drilled and screwed the panels onto the frame.

With the plinth finished, I can now start to assemble the table of the console. The 3D model and control overview plans will help vastly to put the controls into place. However I do still have parts yet to be delivered.

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