Project TARDIS Console – Week 4

If you would like a copy of the blueprints of the 1971 Jon Pertwee (JP) console, click on the download button.

This week with the help of Mark, we’ve been focusing on making the frame for the table. The hard part will be cutting at an angle using hand tools.

The part-finished table base

You may notice the right panel in the below photo looks loose. This is going to be an access panel to the electrics.

The finished frame for the lower part of the table

With the lower part of the table complete, this will make the upper part easier to put together.

The heavy-duty tape you can see in the photo below is securing the upper part of the console together to make it easier to install the frame.

Basic look of how console will look

The size of this console design is perfect for working within the small film studio. The adjustment to the height of the table now makes using the console user friendly without the need to lean forward to use the keyboard and screen that will be built into one of the panels.

To give you a little idea how the finish will look, I’ve identified console characteristics from Jon Pertwee’s 1971 (as seen in The Claws of Axos), Tom Baker’s 1976 (as seen in The Masque of Mandragora) and Matt Smith’s 2012 (as seen in The Snowmen) consoles.

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