Project TARDIS Console – Week 6

This past week has seen dramatic progress in the TARDIS Console. The dry weather has allowed me to place the table of the console onto the garden table outside to finish drilling or sawing the last of the holes required for fitting the controls.

One task I also did was to fit dowels into the switch housing to install onto the relevant areas of the console.

I have started to feel really pleased with how easy and quick the console is progressing now all the parts have been either bought or cut and assembled.

Even though the console hadn’t been painted or the finishing touches added, just seeing this one panel with controls loosely installed brought a sense of life in the console.

A sample of how the console will look

In the above photo, you can see the control switches, all of which a dummy switches, which in this console design will refresh the readings each of the display of the meter. The top-left meter will measure the gravitational pull of the planet, top-right the radiation levels, bottom-left the oxygen levels and bottom-right the water levels. The glass globe in the centre is the telepathic circuits for the Doctor to either communicate with the console or with the Time Lords.

To the right of the switches, you can see a hole ready to take another control. This control will be to jettison any samples the TARDIS collects from the exterior before dematerialisation. This panel will be playing an essential role in an upcoming mini-episode I plan to film once the console is complete. A trailer for which can be viewed below.

Doctor Who – COVID

On Tuesday, 7 July 2020 the console was ready to receive its undercoat of paint, which took about 2 hours to complete.

Undercoat paint completed

On Wednesday, 8 July 2020 the console received its final coat of a metallic silver colour and once dry, I was able to install most of the controls that didn’t require further work prior to installation.

The next blog will be a Doctor Who mini-episode that will show the TARDIS Console complete. For more information, see Doctor Who – COVID for details.

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