QBW251 – 2 weeks to go…

Originally published on Monday, 5 October 2015

2 weeks to go before I take the first dose of what could be a “history in the making” drug.  I’m rather excited about this.  Mind open and faith in medical science strong as I’m confident all will go the way it should.

The attraction the news article has brought on Facebook has seen people from Warrington, Manchester, Birmingham, and even Melbourne, Australia. Mainly friends and relatives, but also a few people I’ve never seen before wishing me all the best with this trial.

I sort of feel like a celebrity. I’m even tempted (as a joke) to put on Facebook “signed photos £5 each”. Perhaps lick the stamp for the envelope and mark it as “almost cured DNA”…oh hang on, stamps are self-adhesive nowadays, aren’t they? Hey ho…another money making idea out the window.

I truly do hope the blogs I’ve been doing plus the article will encourage other CF people who fit the criteria to come forward and volunteer too. I feel this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Anyone interested and thinking about doing this trial, but have concerns, please don’t hesitate to either ask me or your CF consultant. I’ve found the staff very supportive.

Well? What are you waiting for?

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