QBW251 – Day 17: getting more interesting by the minute

Originally published on Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thursday, 5 November 2015
You may recall that on days 2, 3 and 4 of taking QBW251 I started to have some form of effect in one way or the other.

Whether this was side effects such as feeling sick or having headaches or other effects such as having the feeling my sinuses were more clear and able to breath better whilst exercise, this gave me some form of indication the drug was doing its job…or maybe a coincidence? Who knows?

Now today (day 17 into the trial; day 3 of coming off QBW251), I’ve started to have effects as the drug is making its way out of my body.

I noticed a slight increase in coughing in particular first thing in the morning.

Day 20 (Sunday, 8 November 2015)
Today I’ve been to the gym to do a chest workout. Breathing is as normal as it was when on QBW251.

Is this an indication the drug is still active in my body?

Could it be that in the last month I’ve simply become stronger and the effect of the drug be a coincidence?

I have 2 more visits to the hospital in regards to the trial:

  • Day 28 (Monday, 16 November 2015)
  • Day 42 (Monday, 30 November 2015)

And then…drums rolling here…3-4 months after the final date, I will know whether or not I had the placebo and results of the various tests I’ve had during my 42 days.

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