QBW251 – last thoughts before Day -1

Originally published on Sunday, 18 October 2015

Since the announcement was made that I’d be taking part in this drug trial, I’ve had many interest from many people.

It’s strange really. I expected there to be interest from other people in regards to this trial, but I suppose I didn’t realise how big the interest would be.

I was asked the other day how do you feel about taking part in this drug?  An answer to which came about whilst I was at work having a quiet moment as I went about my duties.

I’m going through all sorts of emotions.

There’s so much to take in and accept at present.

Since birth, I’ve been used to my condition and over the years I’ve heard in the media of many breakthroughs towards a cure to CF. Most of which were, well, not utter rubbish, but signs of a better understanding of what makes CF tick, which would benefit the progression of finding better treatments.

I didn’t really know this type of treatment would become a reality in my lifetime. I thought I’d be dead well before something like this would come to life.

How wrong was I?

I said before there are eyes watching my every move on Facebook waiting for a new blog to be written.

There are CF people out there who are on the edge of their seats as they wait for me to write the blog longed to be seen…what effects am I feeling from taking this miracle drug?

Even I feel teased by this question. I don’t even know if I will have the actual drug or a placebo. No one will know if I’ve had the drug until the trial is complete.

The only answer I will be able to give is, basically, let’s see what happens.

Will I feel any effects?

Will I be on the placebo and any the effects would be by sheer cruel coincidence and all psychological?

Will the effects be due to me being on the actual drug?

What if nothing happens at all?

Many questions…all of which I’m having to keep myself busy so not to think about any of this.

With people at work when I’ve finished my shift at 2pm, if my best mate is available, I’d give him a call or Facetime and talk about anything just so my mind is focused on something other than wondering the answers to the questions above.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about this life long wait of a drug that will make living with CF a lot easier.

I simply want everything to go really well and for this trial to result in many, who like me, have waited since they were born for a drug like this to be available on the market so we can all breath easy.

In the meantime
, all I can leave you with for now is in 36 hours time, I will probably be taking the first dose of QBW251.

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