QBW251 – Placebo or not Placebo?…that is the question

Originally published on Friday, 23 October 2015

DAY 2 (Wednesday, 21 October 2015)
Well, so far I’ve had no side effects or any other effects from the drug…though there’s still time.

This was the first thought of today. However as the day passed, things started to happen. Whether a coincidence was another question.

At 11:20am I had a sensation in my lungs and sinuses as though they were clearing themselves more. I could feel what felt like thick mucus making its way up and out. However, I chose to remain sceptical, though thought it was worth noting as feedback for my next study trail visit.

I was in the CF clinic at 2:00pm. All is looking good. Effect of the drug hasn’t shown in lung function.  Though it’s early days yet. The drug will probably take approx 4 days before effects, if any, are noticed. Whether I will notice them without tests or not is yet to be known.

I talked with the Doctor about the Kalydeco video I shared in an earlier post. I mentioned to him that over the years of being asked what CF is, I found it hard to put into words what it’s all about. However having watched the video, this made CF so easy to understand and for me to describe the basic function that I’m surprised a drug like this hasn’t been found much much sooner. This made the Doctor laugh.

Obviously had the human body been mechanical, switching on the faulty gene would be a lot easier.

DAY 3 (Thursday, 22 October 2015)
At 9:10am felt a little sick, which lasted approximately 3 hours…maybe a coincidence, but this is one of the side effects of taking QBW251.

No other side effects were experienced.

DAY 4 (Friday, 23 October 2015)
Weight 65.7kg.

The staff found it astonishing that I was able to take 6 tablets in 1 go.

When I said I’m used to swallowing a good mouthful, they started laughing. People have such filthy minds when they’re around me! LOL

At 11:50am whilst at work, I started to feel a little sick again like yesterday.

At 1:50pm I started with a mild headache – another known side effect. Followed 5 minutes later with slight dizzy feelings.

Again maybe a coincidence, but today I’ve had 3 different known side effects to the drug.

Whether signs this is THE drug or is the placebo and a coincidence is another matter.

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