QBW251 – when is publicity too much?

Originally published on Saturday, 31 October 2015

This isn’t an attack on anybody, nor should this be used as an attack.

Someone made a comment about whether or not I should quiet things down on the publishing front about the trial of QBW251 in case it turns out I’ve created all this hype when it could be I’m on the placebo.

Although I can see where they are coming from, what I highlighted was I made it clear from the beginning nobody knows if I’m on the drug or placebo.

All I can do is guess merely by the effects the drug is having that I could possibly well be on the actual drug.

Although there is a 50% chance I’m wrong, I have felt subtle changes since I started this trial, which could indicate I am not on the placebo.

Whether I am correct or this is by chance is another matter.

The fact the trial is ongoing to me is the main thing.

Whether or not I’m on the placebo doesn’t matter. It’s an unknown journey for me and I love sharing this journey with you all.

We all know there are drugs out there already for other genotypes doing the same work.

What we need to do is raise awareness about Cystic Fibrosis, its effects on the CF community and the importance this trial will have on our lives.

It’s about time CF got exposed as it seems to be something not enough people know about.

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