SFX tests of 2005-2006

Camera: Sony CDD-V6000
Editor: Aist MovieDV

Opening of a Flower
BBC idents 1962-1985
Thames TV ident
(made on Aist MoveiDV)

The purchase of a second-hand Sony CDD-V6000 allowed time-lapse films to be made as demonstrated in Opening of a Flower.

Eastender Mock 1
Eastender Mock 2
Eastender Mock 3

Google Earth and stop motion animation meant that effects such as those seen in BBC Idents 1962-1985 and the Eastenders titles could be achieved.

The internet also offered a library of images that could be downloaded and used in filming making, which saved time having to construct original material for films such as the Thames TV Ident and Manha Manha.

Eastenders Closing Mock
Mahna Mahna
Mahna Manha
(the making of)

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