TARDIS interior

I’ve been building what the TARDIS interior would look like to make it practical for the Doctor and his companions to travel in. Plus it answers questions about food, rest and bathroom activities.

Below are a few images with guidance of what the TARDIS could look like. I start off with the overall plan of the main part of the TARDIS.

Overall TARDIS plan

You may recognise the shape of the overall TARDIS plan from somewhere. If the plan was seen from a different angle, you may see it resembles the dematerialisation circuit as first seen in Jon Pertwee’s storyline, Terror of the Autons as pictured left.

Leading from the console room to the corridor, you will see doorways midway down that lead to living quarters. Each living quarter has a double bed, wardrobe and a bathroom.

There are 6 bedrooms as usually it takes 6 Time Lords to pilot the TARDIS. Each Time Lord is allocated a panel on the console to allow a smooth and safe journey through time and space. As the Doctor explains in Journey’s End, “six panels, six pilots. I’ve had to do this single handed.”

Moving away from the bedrooms, I now take you to the first recreational room where the travellers can relax, eat and enjoy a little timeout.

TARDIS recreation room

Water for washing and drinking is extracted from atmospheric water generators, which are similar to household dehumidifiers. They condense air by drawing it over a cool surface to bring it to below dew point.

Water from the shower is recycled and used for toilet flushing. From the toilet, the flushed water and soil is used for the plants as compost. There is no waste. Everything is recycled.

The recreation room has fruit trees and a food preparation area. The food machine on the left is programmed with all the molecules required to replicate food such as fish, meat and dairy produce that would usually require livestock. The vegetation grown in the TARDIS not only feeds the travellers, but is also a source of oxygen.

In the green room there is a continual growth of vegetation. The sphere seen in the second image of the above slideshow provides energy similar to the sun to allow photosynthesis.

Staircase to lower levels

Within the greenroom is a spiral staircase to the lower levels. The basic layout is the same, but each room serves a different purpose. Their functions include a medical bay, library, a gym with a swimming pool and a second control room.

This set now holds a lot of potential for more episode that explores the functions of the TARDIS. It’s just a matter of time before more TARDISodes are written and filmed.

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