The Screenplay of 2003

Camera: Hi8 Samsung camcorder
Editor:  AIST MovieDV

Genesis of a Time Lord
GOAT Trailer – alternative ending 1
GOAT Trailer – alternative ending 2

A new custom-built PC meant the dawn of complete digital editing for MyCam Studio Network.

During the summer work commenced on a Doctor Who feature based on Cystic Fibrosis called Genesis of a Time Lord. This episode was loosely based on the book written in 1998.

This involved 9 months of work building a full-size Dalek with the help of blueprints downloaded from the internet and using Manchester Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre as a backdrop for the film.

A Rover Metro and Ford Fiesta were used as the TARDIS.

Editing is done using Aist MovieDV, a complete video editing system for the PC. Bringing together video editing, animation, and titling in one affordable program.

It included transitions, effects, and audio capabilities for making stunning videos. With its real-time preview, I could see results immediately without rendering. It featured a convenient storyboard interface for easy editing where I could simply drag and drop video clips into the storyboard, change order shots appeared, add transitions, and preview changes in real-time.

Chroma-key was another feature in Aist MovieDV, which took film making to another level making it possible to have the car fly through space. Although chroma-key was good for making animations, lack of room and lighting made it difficult to film live actors. Plans to make other episodes were shelved.

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