Transfer from DLA to PIP 4

Originally published on Saturday, 1 April 2017

Update on my fight against DWP’s decision on my PIP application:

Below is an email I’ve just sent to the Labour Leader, which includes a letter of complaint about DWP & PIP claim. The letter contains the contents of:

  • CF – Part 2: Transfer from DLA to PIP 1
  • CF – Part 2: Transfer from DLA to PIP 2

To Jeremy

Please find attached a letter of complaint in regards to my claim for PIP and the poor decision made by Diane Chennell to reject my claim based on the 1 hour assessment rather than all the evidence I gave with help from my Cystic Fibrosis specialist in support of my claim.

The letter includes a diary of events and experiences during my claim for PIP and a copy of the decision letter, which I have inputted my thoughts for each of the bullet points raised as part of my PIP claim, which I think will also be of interest to Helen Jones.

Actions I have taken so far is getting this out in the public domain as far and wide as possible with the help of Facebook, Twitter and my blog page.

I have also had an article published in the Warrington Guardian and wrote an email to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and to my MP, Helen Jones, who I have copied into this email.

I am currently waiting for the Assessor’s Report to be delivered by post before I can commence my case for appeal with the help of my Social Worker and other members of the care team at the Manchester Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester.

I’ve had so many fellow CF sufferers and their relatives speaking out about their experiences with PIP claims.

In one case a claimant stated he has severe osteoporosis of the spine and can’t stand up due to the severe pain this causes. He said the assessor tried to make him stand up despite being told of his condition in the form of letters from his consultant.

Another CF sufferer whose CF is so severe they had a lung transplant was told by DWP due to them having the transplant, they no longer have CF and therefore no longer disabled. In fact they still have to take the treatment they were on before. Having a transplant doesn’t cure CF, but makes it better on the breathing whilst allowing the sufferer to focus on the other aspects of CF whilst maintaining their lungs with drugs that prevents their body from rejecting them.

I am aware I can only speak for myself, but I thought I would share a couple of cases I’ve been saddened with reading from other people’s experiences.

I hope any publicity and awareness made by my complaint and actions taken so far will go towards making CF stand out as a severe disability we live with and that DWP open their eyes in the effects the PIP claim is having on the quality of life of CF people.

We hope to have your support in this.

Yours sincerely

Peter Trengove

I didn’t think there would be an issue for any CF person with their PIP claim due to all the evidence they have to support their claim. However, I should imagine this is no different to any other disabled person.

I basically got fed up of all that’s happened and hearing what is happening to others has pushed me to take action like this.

This needs to stop and the only way that will happen is by us all taking control and pushing the government.

At present, I feel we are paying our taxes to be treated like sheep. It is about time roles were reversed we taxpayers became the Shepherd and take control of our flock.

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