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Originally published on Friday, 12 May 2017

Update on my fight against DWP’s decision on my PIP application:

Today I’ve had a response from DWP in regards to my Mandatory Reconsideration.

The outcome is they are ignoring existing or fresh evidence of my day to day living as a result of Cystic Fibrosis and refusing to give any form of points towards my claim.

The letter is attached for all to read and laugh at as I now prepare my appeal.

I have sent an email of complaint to ATOS, who are looking into this claim also. A copy of the email is displayed in this blog.

Email to ATOS:
To whom it may concern

I suffer from Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a genetic condition I suffer from since birth. There is no cure and as I get older, my symptoms get worse resulting in fighting infection getting more difficult and recovery taking longer.

With the treatment, frequent hospital visits, and impact CF has on my breathing, social anxiety and malnutrition issues, CF has a detrimental impact on my day to day living.

As a result of being given notice of my DLA coming to an end, I made a claim for transfer from DLA to PIP.

As requested by the application, I gave solid evidence of my condition with help from my Social Worker at the Manchester Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital. With her help and support, and various clinic letters, hospital discharge notes, repeat prescription, etc, I had everything required to prove I have CF that would support my PIP claim.

I had a face to face interview and this appeared to go as I expected.

However, it came to the conclusion my claim was to be rejected with feedback that I was too healthy and didn’t show any sign of having CF or anxiety issues – even though the interviewer stated at the beginning of the interview I showed signs of anxiety. This was evident by how I spoke and constantly sidetracked away from the questions and brought back into focus with the help from my companion.

When I read the report I noticed a few errors were made and information I shared at the interview was not included in the report.

I put forward a Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) with further evidence of my CF, which is attached to this email.

I have had a response to my MR, and it seems that despite the existing and new evidence given, I am told no reward will be given. The decision-maker has ignored the new evidence and has chosen to agree with the original decision.

It is quite clear from reading the MR notice dated 3 May 2017 that any evidence is given, whether this is the original or new evidence provided, the evidence is being ignored and the decision is being made based on a 1-hour interview, not a lifetime of illness and suffering.

I feel as though I’m being called a liar in regards to my health even though I have solid evidence as attached that CF does affect my day to day living.

I have already gone to the press, who have made a good article about my treatment from DWP.

I have written to my MP, the Labour Leader, and made blogs about my treatment and also posts on Facebook.

The treatment I’ve endured by ATOS and DWP are despicable.

I sincerely hope that a family member of these people cruelly taunting my condition by indirectly calling me a liar about my health doesn’t have to endure the same path as I have gone down.

The effect this has had on me has left me not wanting to go out. I’ve lost appetite and no motivation to do anything.

How these people sleep at night is beyond me.

Please look at the information I’ve provided here and also my application history in regards to PIP claim.

I’d love to see what miracle cure I’ve had for these people to tell me there’s nothing wrong with my health.


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