Upgrading the Gun Box

Project ID: Upgrade of the gun box using blueprints downloaded from Dalek City (website exterminated).
Time Period: 24 July 2011 to 27 July 2011

When I made the original gun box, there were no blueprints showing how this was made, so measurements for this was guesswork, and therefore inaccurate.

Since the Daleks returned in 2005, the game was on for Dalek fans to make a more detailed set of plans, which included detailed dimensions of the gun box.

At last, my Dalek will have the accurate gun box it deserves to exterminate with pleasure its enemies!

Although the measurements are correct on this plan, the only measurement to be adjusted for the box to fit my Dalek was the width from 469mm to 415mm.

So I could make sure the new gun box would fit, I had to remove the old one, which was quite a task to do!

The Dalek refuses to look at the camera in its current state!

As you can see in the photo above, I also took the original fender off and used a damp proof course that I found more robust and already black, so save on painting.

The template build as seen below of the new gun box was used to work out what parts need cutting and to see if the design would fit nicely into the Dalek.

With the template being a success, the parts were drawn out again on 12mm plywood and cut.

Template gun box and new build side by side.

As you can see, although the new gun box is a better fit, a little wood filler is required underneath.

Already the Dalek looks good to do battle – though attention to detail is required first.

As you can see in the before photo, there was a gap between the bottom of the original gun box and the base of the holes where the box is supposed to rest.

The after photo not only shows the finished gun box, but also the colour scheme has changed from a Genesis to a Destiny Dalek

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